No meat.

No nonsense.

At Greenway, we are passionate about good food and about the planet.
We believe we have the power to change the world. Maybe not overnight, but one bite at a time!
Green is the way to go!

Meet the new meat

At Greenway, we produce plant-based food for meat lovers, for people who love to eat hamburgers every Friday and who organise an impromptu barbecue when the first ray of sunshine hits.

Greenway is convinced that they, too, can contribute to climate change, as long as we meet their expectations and convince them with a nice piece of plant-based meat.
If we seduce them with something that tastes just as good, they will change their minds! With our innovative, local products, we offer a real answer to the growing demand for meat alternatives.

You can find our products at Delhaize, Colruyt and Carrefour.

"Don't you eat meat?" "'No, or as little as possible. Well, I do sometimes, but at least I do my best. Not because of some health hype. But I don't agree with how we treat our animals! Finished! And yes, replacing meat is not always easy. But with Greenway things are going a lot better and a lot tastier.

Check out the recipes for more inspiration. I definitely recommend the coconut curry . foot-in-mouth

A love for good food and for our globe, that's what it's all about for me and Greenway.'


A little plant-based goes a long way

It is one of Greenway's life quotes, because a plant-based diet naturally has countless benefits, both in the short and long term. In addition to being very good for our planet, Greenway's plant-based family is also good for your health.

The proof? All our products have nutriscore A or B.

Pioneer in healthy festival food

Summer is the time for music festivals! Partying, music, beer, happy people, atmosphere, fun and of course, food! Fortunately, the time that you had to choose between a portion of fries with mayonnaise or a bratwurst dripping with fat are long gone. The availability of healthy food at festivals continues to grow, and Greenway is happy to participate with its colourful food stands!
Greenway is always present at the hottest music festivals in Belgium. Rely on us for a broad range of vegetarian snacks or for a delicious meal. This year, we’ll tour the festivals with the all-time favorite veggie kebabwrap and our latest innovation: the Greenway Burger, a juicy plant-based burger that was recently awarded Best Product of the Year. Enjoy 100% plant-based food while you kick back and listen to the tunes of your favorite artists? The summer is yours, with Greenway!
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