No meat.

No nonsense.

At Greenway, we are passionate about good food and about the planet.
We believe we have the power to change the world. Maybe not overnight, but one bite at a time!
Green is the way to go!

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From Greenway's first cookbook

no meat. no nonsense.

Deze satés vind je in Thailand op elke hoek van de straat en zijn de perfecte eenvoudige streetfood- snack. Kokos, rode currypasta en pindakaas geven de Greenway 'just like chicken' fillet pieces in no-time een heerlijke Aziatische touch!

Mmm... you'll want to taste this yourself! Find the complete "THAI SATAY recipe on the Greenway website.

new! Meet Our Greens

Saucisse with cauliflower

cordon bleu with celeriac

Greenway launches two new, finger-licking products based on local, Belgian vegetables! A Saucisse with cauliflower and a Cordon Bleu with celeriacWant to get the taste of juicy Belgian classics and your daily local veggies? Easy Peasy!

Discover the 'Eat Your Greens' products yourself at Carrefour and Delhaize.

Meet the new meat

Wij maken plantaardige producten voor de flexitariërs en de vleesliefhebbers, voor diegenen die elke vrijdag een hamburger eten en bij de eerste zonnestralen de barbecue bovenhalen.

Because at Greenway, we firmly believe that we can all do our part for the climate without having to give up delicious food.

With our innovative, locally sourced products, you can enjoy a good sausage, burger, or spaghetti without eating meat!

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GreenPan, a pioneer in PFAS-free cookingIt's the things you don't see right away that often make the difference. That's why they look at GreenPan beyond the exterior of their pans. In 2007, they developed the world's first healthy PFAS-free ceramic non-stick coating. Today, they are the leading expert in healthy and PFAS-free cooking.

Greenway x GREENPAN
We stand for healthy
We stand for sustainability
We stand for pioneering

That's why we are joining forces for a #Healthysummer!

"Don't you eat meat?" "'No, or as little as possible. Well, I do sometimes, but at least I do my best. Not because of some health hype. But I don't agree with how we treat our animals! Finished! And yes, replacing meat is not always easy. But with Greenway things are going a lot better and a lot tastier.

Check out the recipes for more inspiration. I definitely recommend the coconut curry . foot-in-mouth

A love for good food and for our globe, that's what it's all about for me and Greenway.'

A little plant-based goes a long way

It is one of Greenway's life quotes, because a plant-based diet naturally has countless benefits, both in the short and long term. In addition to being very good for our planet, Greenway's plant-based family is also good for your health.

Het bewijs? Al onze producten hebben nutriscore A of B.





Coconut oil

Rapeseed oil and sunflower oil

Spices and flavourings

Plant fibres and protein

Methyl cellulose