At Greenway, we are passionate about good food and about the planet.
We believe we have the power to change the world. Maybe not overnight, but one bite at a time!
Green is the way to go!

Why Greenway belongs in restaurants and industrial kitchens

The Greenway mission is more than utopian idealism. We’re all about innovative realism. At Greenway, we realise that not everyone is going to stop eating meat, and that we will have to find another way.

  • Growing demand for vegetarian and vegan products
  • Easy to prepare
  • Sustainable product: good for the planet
  • Long shelf life: delivered frozen
  • 100 % Belgian and local product
  • Clean(er) label by default

You can easily order the Greenway food service range from your regular wholesaler. Our products are not only available at wholesalers in Belgium, you will also find your favorite Greenway products in the Netherlands.

need inspiration?

Greenway not only offers products but also offers guidance to a more plant-based offer. A handful of recipes are available for your support. So need inspiration for your plant-based moment of the day? Check out the recipes and let's get started!

You bet it tastes good!
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