Greenway’s mission

We believe that climate change is the greatest challenge of our time.
Our part in meeting this challenge: seducing even true meat lovers with our surprisingly tasty plant-based products.

Veggie pioneers for more than 20 years

Paul Florizoone was introduced to vegetarian cuisine in 1996 during an inspiring journey through India. Because he had become sick a number of times from rotten meat, he decided to eat exclusively vegetarian for the remaining several months of his trip. He discovered that the Indian veggie kitchen is extremely tasty and varied.

For Paul – at that time still an inveterate meat eater – this was a real eye opener. And so the idea was born to start a veggie concept back in Belgium. To convince as many people as possible how surprisingly tasty vegetarian cuisine can be. Greenway Gent opened its doors in early 1997 and was a success from day one!

Greenway continued to grow year after year and became the trendsetter in feel good food! This was done with its own restaurants, an assortment of surprisingly tasty veggie products at Delhaize and for food services, and in the summer with food stands at the major Belgian music festivals.

Greenway’s masterminds

Paul Florizoone

Founder @Greenway & culinary mastermind

Paul’s mission

“Give as many people as possible a good feeling about plant-based nutrition

and to continuously innovate”

Cedric Hanet

Co-owner @Greenway & climate ambassador

Cedric’s missie

“To ensure the development of Greenway employees and contribute to a better world, and allow Greenway to have as big an impact as possible”

Working at…

Working at Greenway is like working with your friends. We form a close-knit team and you are given plenty of room to develop. Hospitality is a universal concept, food a language that everyone speaks. Which is why we find one’s motivation, work ethic and attitude much more important than your background or work experience. Our team is a reflection of our cuisine: just as international and colourful as our dishes. We embrace the team’s initiative and creativity.

There are regularly new vacancies. Keep an eye on our Facebook page. You of course can also send an on-spec application. Mail your cover letter and CV to