At Greenway, we are passionate about good food and about the planet.
We believe we have the power to change the world. Maybe not overnight, but one bite at a time!
Green is the way to go!

Veggie pioneers for over 25 years

Paul Florizoone was introduced to vegetarian cuisine in 1996 during an inspiring journey through India. Because he had become sick a number of times from rotten meat, he decided to eat exclusively vegetarian for the remaining several months of his trip. He discovered that the Indian veggie kitchen is extremely tasty and varied.

For Paul – at that time still an inveterate meat eater – this was a real eye opener. And so the idea was born to start a veggie concept back in Belgium. To convince as many people as possible how surprisingly tasty vegetarian cuisine can be. Greenway Gent opened its doors in early 1998 and was a success from day one!

Greenway continued to grow year after year, becoming the trendsetter in feel good food! This included having their own restaurant, a range of surprisingly delicious vegetarian products in supermarkets, in foodservice, and during the summer, food stands at major Belgian music festivals.

Chipolata awarded best product of the year 2021 – 2022 

If you’re familiar with Greenway, you know we love our Flemish classics. A sausage with apple sauce, mashed potatoes with hotdogs and caramelised onions… We can’t get enough of them. As long as it’s plant-based, of course. That’s why the Greenway chefs came up with this mouth-watering chipolata sausage!

And not only we are crazy about it, this tasty chipolata was voted best product of the year 2021 – 2022 by 10.722 Belgian consumers! 

Judge for yourself and get it in your Delhaize, Colruyt and Carrefour. 



Everyone can be a hero: this is how you save the world

Bij Greenway gaat het om meer dan utopisch idealisme. Wat ons kenmerkt is innovatief realisme. Greenway is er zich van bewust dat we het dus anders moeten aanpakken.

Gezonder, milieuvriendelijker en ook gewoon lekker!

Looking after our world was always about less. Driving less with our cars,
buying less stuff, using less electricity, traveling less, eating less meat.

What if we stop thinking in terms of less, and start thinking in terms of more.
Getting around better, buying smarter, generating energy instead of only
using it and eating more of what’s good for us and our planet.

Let’s do more. Look after our world and ourselves more.
That’s why, at Greenway, we’re doing everything we can to look after our world.

But to make it fun, tasty and easy at the same time.
Because the power we all hold is amazing.

That being said we’re not the government.
Or the United Nations. Oh, and we don’t have billions of dollars.

We’re just a food brand.
But that’s okay. Because when you look closer, it’s often the small things that change the world.

The little efforts, the tiny actions, the little changes. Or even the small movement you make when
you choose plant-based over meat in your shopping cart, on your menu or on your grill.

Yes, at Greenway, we believe we have the power to change the world. Not overnight.
But one bite at a time.


Price Gault & Millau

At Tomorrowland in 2016, Greenway won the the Gault&Millau prize for best healthy festival food with the Asian inspired sandwich.

Best Product of the Year

What do the Greenway burger, minced meat and chipolata have in common… Right! They each won the Best Product of the Year award!

Belgian Vegan Awards 2020

In 2020, the Greenway restaurants won the Belgian Vegan Awards in the category  “Best Food chain”. 

Pioneer in healthy festival food

Summer is the time for music festivals! Partying, music, beer, happy people, atmosphere, fun and of course, food! Fortunately, the time that you had to choose between a portion of fries with mayonnaise or a bratwurst dripping with fat are long gone. The availability of healthy food at festivals continues to grow, and Greenway is happy to participate with its colourful food stands!

Greenway is convinced that they, too, can contribute to climate change, as long as we meet their expectations and convince them with a nice piece of plant-based meat.
If we seduce them with something that tastes just as good, they will change their minds! With our innovative, local products, we offer a real answer to the growing demand for meat alternatives.

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Veggie pioneers

With commercials on national television, Greenway is building its brand awareness in our country. The products of the vegetarian food specialist have been on the shelves of the Delhaize retail chain for nearly twenty years. Recently, customers of Colruyt and Carrefour can also get to know the Greenway Burger, the company's flagship product.

Trends 1-04-2021

Greenway convinces other restaurants to transform their meat classics into vegetarian dishes.

On the occasion of World Veggie Day, the vegetarian pioneer Greenway and delivery platform Deliveroo challenge 38 Belgian restaurants to transform their meat classics into a vegetarian alternative for a week.

Het Laatste nieuws 1-10-2020


A vegan burger in the meat section, Greenway's bold bet.

Paul Florizoone, the Ghent creator of a completely plant-based burger, is taking on the lucrative carnivore market. In doing so, he leaves the vegetarian section to his competitors. Only time will tell if this gamble was a stroke of genius.

L’echo 19-10-2019

PARTNERS in crime…


You can regularly find Greenway in the Belgian meal box with local ingredients.


Ontdek ons pop-up restaurant tijdens het filmfestival van Gent.

Greenpan x Greenway

We stand for healthy, we stand for sustainability, we stand for pioneering!