Surprisingly tasty products for home

At Greenway we want to introduce as many people as possible to creative vegetarian cuisine. Which is why we’ve developed a unique range of veggie products for home, exclusively available from Delhaize. The product range can vary per shop depending on the season.

Greenway @ Delhaize

All our Greenway products are easy to prepare and above all surprisingly tasty!

Plant-based Gourmet

Gourmet package, exclusively created for the holidays. Contents: mix of vegan mini burgers, vegetable balls and mini chipolatas.

The vegetable balls and mini burgers are also available in separate packages.


Duo Gourmet

Gourmet package, exclusively created for the holidays, in co-branding with Delhaize Belgium. Delhaize accounts for the poultry supply.

With this low-threshold flex package, we try to convince as many people as possible of a (partly) plant-based way of living. Together, we can reduce meat consumption further!

Contents: Mini burgers, marinated cauliflower-curry balls, chicken fillets and chicken sausages.


Mix of vegetable balls

Marinated vegetable balls: 100% plant-based and full of taste! Perfect for those warm gourmet moments with friends or family.


Mini burgers

Breaded mini burgers. A real winner for true meat lovers and fans of plant-based meat.


Plant-based meat rolls

Greenway is launching the first plant-based meat roll in the Delhaize shops. This classic dish is at least as delicious as the version with meat and is prepared fresh every day with Greenway Minced Meat (based on pea proteins) and delicious vegan cheese. Just like other Greenway products, the plant-based meat roll is enriched with vitamin B12 and iron and is 100% carbon-neutral. Enjoying delicious food and reducing your carbon footprint? That’s Greenway! 100% Belgian, plant-based & the real deal!

Frozen vegetable balls

Healthy and tasty, these vegetable balls will top your expectations, no doubt! They are made from a ton of delicious vegetables like carrots, peas and green beans, and they will outshine anything as an appetizer. You can use them in an impressive range of different dishes, from pasta sauce to meatball sub. There’s about 20 balls in every package.

Frozen broccoli balls

This pure and tasty little ball of broccoli and spices will cheer up any grey day. It’s wonderful as an appetizer with a little dip, but it will also be the crown jewel of your pita bun, wrap, salad or curry. Produced without soy or wheat, and enriched with vitamin B12 and iron. These broccoli balls will last up to 365 days in your freezer at a temperature of– 18 °C and there are about 20 balls in every package.

Frozen Greenway Burger

Five of our legendary Greenway Burgers in a convenient freezer package. Freshly made, quickly frozen and good for at least 365 days at a temperature of -18 °C. It’s the perfect plant-based alternative for your favorite meat products. No soy or wheat, and enriched with plenty of vitamin B12 and iron. Plant-based & the real deal!

Greenway Merguez

A 100% plant-based merguez sausage with classic Maghrebi spices to grill on the barbecue or to cook in a pan. An absolute winner for the upcoming barbecue season. Absolutely, positively delicious in a sandwich or with a side dish of couscous and pomegranate.

Greenway Chipolata

New in the Greenway plant-based family: the Greenway Chipolata, a true Flemish classic, that appeals to all ages. It doesn’t matter if you serve it with apple sauce and mashed potatoes or as a haute-dog, its delicious flavor will leave you wanting more.
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Greenway Minced Meat

From now on, you can go 100% plant-based in all of your minced meat snacks and meals. This incredibly delicious minced meat by Greenway has a rich texture and an even richer taste, which makes it even harder to tell apart from real meat. The perfect ingredient for your pasta sauce, meatballs, of stuffed veggies? It’s Greenway Minced Meat, of course!
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Greenway Burger

The tasty flavor of meat, but 100% plant-based? Nice to meat you, Greenway Burger! Pick it up in your local supermarket or try one in the Greenway restaurants. 100% plant-based, 100% tasty! Wanna bet you’ll like it?
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Greenway Falafel Traditional

Serve the falafels the traditional way in pita bread
or a wrap. Add raw vegetables and garlic sauce or hummus, and a gourmet feast is guaranteed.

vegan & bio

Greenway filet pieces “just like chicken”

Greenway filet pieces “just like chicken” taste delicious and have the perfect texture. Use the natural soy nuggets just like chicken.


Don’t feel like cooking?

Not in the mood to cook? Let us do it for you! Visit one of our restaurants and let yourself be pampered by our Greenway staff.

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