Surprisingly tasty veggie
also on a large scale

The trend towards less meat can also be seen in industrial kitchens. More and more industrial chefs are looking for full-fledged vegetarian products that are healthy, tasty and easy to prepare. Greenway supplies a varied food service range, tailored to large-scale use such as in hospitals, schools and government institutions, but also to smaller catering businesses.

Our offerings for the foodservice industry are inspired by the latest international veggie trends. They are created with conventional and self-created alternatives for meat, like pea-proteins, pulses, wheat, lupine, Beeter® and soja. All products are deep-frozen and easy to process in industrial kitchens. We have both veggie and vegan options in our product range. It is however Greenways mission to exclusively create vegan products in the future.

Our products are:

• A mix of products with or without ‘meat taste’
• Easy to use & foolproof in preparation
• Recognisable in structure and consistency
• Clean(er) label by default
• Carefully put together
• Contain as little salt and unhealthy fats as possible
• MSG free

Distribution partners

The Greenway food service range can be easily ordered from your regular wholesaler. The following wholesalers carry our range in whole or in part.


All products are deep-frozen, can be kept for at least 10 months and must be stored at -18° C.

Greenway Burger raw

30 x 120g
vegan & allergen-free

Veggie burger “meat” style

3 x 100g

Vegan Mexican Pepper Burger

24 x 100g

Veggie “meat”balls

100 x 25g

Vegan gyros

2 x 1,5kg

White veggie “sausage” with garden herbs

40 x 80g

Vegan Filet pieces just like chicken

2 x 2,5kg

Vegan “beef” stew

3 x 2kg

Vegan Bolognaise sauce

3 x 2kg

Vegan “Vol-au-vent”

3 x 2kg

Veggie lasagna

4 x 3kg

Veggie moussaka

4 x 3kg

Vegan vegetable balls

2 x 1kg
vegan & allergen-free

Vegan red pepper filled with minced vegetable balls

15 X +-175g
vegan & allergen-free

Vegan minced meat raw

vegan & allergen-free


Greenway not only offers products but also offers guidance to a more plant-based offer. A handful of recipes are available for your support.

View the recipes