We arrive at new product concepts together

At Greenway, we’re always working on developing new products and recipes. For this, we use the creativity of our employees, feedback from our guests, or we develop tailor-made dishes together with our customers.

Surprisingly tasty, surprisingly innovative

The latest Greenway product – the Greenway Burger – isn’t just unbelievably tasty. No, it’s so much more than that. According to an independent sustainability study conducted by CO2 Logic, the Greenway Burger is 94% more climate friendly than a classic hamburger. Not only is it completely plant-based, but it’s also locally produced in Belgium. Compared to a beef burger, the Greenway Burger produces 94% less CO 2 emissions and consumes 90% less energy and 54% less water. Innovative, tasty and sustainable food? Yes, we can!

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In collaboration with leading catering concepts and food service chains, we use our combined knowledge and expertise to develop surprisingly tasty custom veggie products and recipes. So you will also see us on the menu in other restaurants.
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We developed 3 tasty burgers for restaurant chain Ellis Gourmet Burger

We created a veggie ball with spinach and parmesan cheese for Balls & Glory

Pizza Hut uses our falafel for one of their salads

Bavet uses our veggie “meat” balls for one of their pasta dishes

Poule & Poulette serves a veggie vol-au-vent containing our Chick’Pieces


Based on our passion for feel good food and decades of experience as veggie pioneers, we make it a point to continuously develop innovations in veggie cuisine. We bring a number of these to the market each year. We first extensively test these products in our own restaurants and with our existing customers. Our products are made using existing and in-house developed meat alternatives such as legumes, wheat, lupin, Beeter®, soy, nuts and hen egg white. Always based on the latest scientific insights, and inspired by current international food trends.