far-reaching ambition

While Greenway’s founder Paul Florizoone opened his first restaurant to convince his hometown of Ghent of the flavors of vegetarian cuisine, Greenway's ambition today extends far beyond the national borders. The ultimate goal? Saving the climate with plant-based food. As long as we haven’t saved the planet, Greenway remains 100% committed to enticing even the biggest meat lover with delicious plant-based food…

Surprisingly good
If you’ve been following Greenway for a while, you’ve probably heard about Paul’s story. In 1996, Paul was forced to switch to a vegetarian diet during a road trip through India. As he was surprised by the flavors and the versatility of the vegetarian cuisine, Paul decided to stick with a plant-based diet when he returned home. From that moment on, Paul tinkered with the idea of sharing his love for vegetarianism – and later even veganism – with the general public.

After a few years of experimenting in his own kitchen, the time had come to take a big step: his first restaurant in Gent’s historic town center. The restaurant was a big success, which gave Paul even more desire to continue. As three more restaurants followed, retailers started taking notice of Greenway’s success. Soon, Delhaize asked Paul to create a few plant-based recipes for their house brand and they gave Paul the opportunity to introduce his first Greenway products to the supermarket shelves.

Focus on climate protection
Whereas, at first, Paul’s main focus was good food, the importance of eating and producing climate friendly recipes increasingly came to the fore as a result of his partnership with Cedric Hanet. And in 2019, this trend is more important than ever. People who want to adopt a climate friendly diet, not only opt for plant-based food, but also look for local produce and production. And that’s exactly what Greenway is doing: locally producing plant-based food made with as much Belgian produce as possible.

For their most recent innovation, the Greenway Burger, they decided to team up with a local production partner, Dekeyzer-Ossaer in Koekelare. In addition to delicious vegan food, Greenway's food service and retail range also includes some vegetarian products. However, Greenway recently decided to focus on creating strictly vegan products in the future. That way, Greenway is committed to being 100% eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

The future is now 
The road to saving the climate is long and it isn’t limited to Belgium. That’s why Greenway wants to expand to France, the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries in the coming years to seduce as many climate warriors as possible with surprisingly tasty food. If Belgium is smitten with plant-based food, then our neighboring countries might be too, right? And we also have some good news for our Belgian fans. Soon, we will add vegan chipolata and vegan mince to our range. Greenway is totally ready for the future. Ready to become a climate warrior, too?