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Great Vegetarian food


Greenway aims to introduce as many people as possible to its creative vegetarian cuisine because we are convinced that it is delicious, healthy and sustainable! To meet the demand of restaurant customers asking which meat substitutes we use and where they can be bought, in 2009 Paul Florizoone developed a line of vegetarian products for the consumer market. 

For this, he entered into a partnership with food retailer Delhaize. The Greenway line, under the name “The Irresistible Vegetarian”, was an immediate hit. Vegetarians, flexitarians and even purebred carnivores are frequent visitors to the aisle with the Greenway meat substitutes, where you'll find vegetarian alternatives for classics such as beef stew or vol-au-vent as well as basic meat substitutes with which you can make an infinite assortment of delightful dishes. 

How about a Moroccan salad with falafel, red curry with coconut and oriental chicken nuggets, or pasta with broccoli and smoked bacon? The product range can vary depending on the season.

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