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Great Vegetarian food


Greenway delights you with tasty vegetarian experiences. We’ll make you wonder about how delicious vegetarian food can be. We’ll let you discover the pure pleasure of a veggie lifestyle. And we’ll keep amazing you. In doing so, we will stay true to our ethical beliefs and personal approach. Because choosing Greenway just feels better.

Greenway aims to introduce as many people as possible to its creative vegetarian cuisine because we are convinced that it is delicious, healthy and sustainable! Based on this tasty idea, Paul Florizoone launched the Greenway restaurant concept in Ghent way back in 1996. An idea so fresh that over the years, Greenway has grown into a trendsetter in vegetarian cuisine, with restaurants in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Leuven. While Greenway of course appeals to a wide audience of vegetarians, it also attracts flexitarians and even true carnivores!

Greenway restaurant